Lost and found

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Here it is: the buttons are not lost and are not found, I’ve just purchased them from a very cheap shop and as I normally do, I kept them in my huge attic to use them for future projects. It looks like one day I reached the future and I used them. I am not so sure if this is the right way they had to be used but … as I usually do I kept half of the button bag aside for another future project, in the same huge attic. I hope one good day, as I often do, I will browse through my stuff and I will find them there and I will have a good use for them at that time. If not, so sad they will get lost in time until somebody else will find them. I am a very optimistic person, usually

cow boy vs. girl

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Alice vers. 2.0

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Illusion of reallity / reality of illusion / mask

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Sinamay, Bias tape, Starcher

maple wood

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Leather, recycled paper, board, thread: I imagine this moment I am lingering in a maple wood, somewhere in the fall and all the leaves are falling silently. There is somebody hiding in this wood and I know it. Sometimes I get scared and for a second I want to go back where I came but, the beauty of it makes me remain, and so on, and so on, to eternity.

coeur book

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