cloud of thinking

iulie 4, 2010 § 2 comentarii

Inside my head there is a cloud that embraces my thoughts, my ideas and everything I believe in. Sometimes it doesn’t let me be the only one in control and I start being afraid. It has no name it has no shape therefore I start thinking if  „it” really exists up there. Love to drink milk and eat marshmallows, grounded coconut and loads of sugar. Regarding culture, likes home-made soap-operas and 50’s music. Today he discovered that is a big fan of  Robert Crumb’s comics (thing that I cannot explain with all my psychoanalytical knowledge). Is an incoherent character that I like more and more each day.


§ 2 Responses to cloud of thinking

  • Carmen Maftei spune:

    Superbe lucrarile/produsele, superbe ideile. Lucrari, pentru ca se pot considera drept opere de arta, produse, pentru ca se pot folosi. O combinatie magnifica. Felicitari pentru creativitate. Admir in mod deosebit oamenii cu creativitate pozitiva 🙂 Intr-adevar ceva deosebit! Mi s-a luminat ziua :))

  • erika spune:

    cum pot cumpara aceasta agenda ?

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